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Join Our Documentary Project "Let Us Read" - Share Your Story

Are you:

  • A parent championing your child's rights and education?

  • A student struggling or finding your way through the educational system with dyslexia or other learning differences?

  • A teenager or adult who recently had the opportunity to learn to read and write thanks to a new teaching method?

  • An educator, social worker, or educational organization willing to share your experiences in teaching reading and writing?
  • Or perhaps you're an entrepreneur, artist, or professional who wants to share a success story—one that highlights the challenges and gifts of your dyslexia or other learning differences.

I welcome stories from organizations and individuals of all ages and backgrounds, reflecting the wide range of experiences. Whether navigating these challenges yourself or supporting someone who is, your story is important.


What I'm Looking For

I aim to uncover the real stories of daily challenges and successful moments related to learning to read. Whether it's a personal anecdote or professional insight, your story can help us highlight struggles, strengths, setbacks, and successes. How do you navigate the challenges? What achievements have you celebrated? How has your learning difference shaped your perspective and approach to goals?


Why Share Your Story

Together, your stories can create a powerful force for change and understanding, breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive and successful society. Your journey could offer hope, inspire change, and help others feel less alone in their experiences.


How to Participate

If you're ready to share your story or know someone who might be, please prepare your story in a text document or video. For written stories, I recommend a maximum of 1000 words; for videos, please keep them to no more than 3 minutes. Send it to me via the submission form below.

The file you will send will not be used in the documentary but will only be used to bring your story to my attention.


Just a First Step

This is the beginning of a conversation. I'm committed to handling your stories with the utmost respect and confidentiality. If there is an opportunity to include your story in the documentary, I will follow up with:


Initial Meeting

15-minute video chat—I will contact you to schedule a 15-minute video chat on Zoom. During this chat, we can explore your story more deeply, and you will learn more about me and the project I'm producing. We can then decide together if we want to schedule another 20-minute Zoom conversation.

The Recorded Interview

20-minute video interview on Zoom (or other)—This chat will be the actual interview. It will be recorded and used for the documentary. Before planning this second video conversation, I will send you a release form that needs to be signed before the recording.


If you're uncomfortable with video chats or face technological barriers, we can find a way to work it out together (i.e., phone interviews or written submissions). I cannot guarantee that your story will be included in the final version of the documentary, but the opportunity to include it is valuable and meaningful.


Every story is important. However, selection for inclusion in the film is based on thematic fit, diversity of experiences, the quantity and variety of topics, and how they can build a smooth narrative flow together.


This process is designed to be collaborative and respectful, ensuring you are comfortable and informed at every stage. I'm here to listen and work together, creating a space where your story can be shared safely and with integrity.


Your voice is invaluable to the narrative I'm crafting, and I look forward to potentially embarking on this journey together. Don't hesitate to ask questions or express your concerns, if any, in the message field on the form.

Thank You,

Daniel Vital

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Upload File

Thanks for sharing your story!

Inspire change, share your story.

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